Designer Features and Benefits

Direct modelling - Direct modelling gives the user complete freedom of construction whether creating a new component or modifying an existing design created in any of the myriad of CAD formats that Designer supports.

Ease of use - Simple menu and icon commands with context sensitive online help make it quick and easy to start using EDGECAM Designer.

Model healing - Automation makes the time consuming process of model cleanup much faster and simpler.

Feature suppression - Many times the incoming CAD data includes geometric features that are either unnecessary for CAM, or will not be created by the machining process itself. With EDGECAM Designer, removing these markings and even saving them for later operations is just a mouse click away.

Model simplification - Along with suppressing certain features of the model not used for machining, the user may wish to simplify the geometry during various stages of the machining process.

Powerful sketching - EDGECAM Designers sketch capabilities allows for the creation of two dimensional shapes using free form input. While the user can rely upon the traditional methods of coordinate based input, free form sketching intelligently interacts with surrounding geometry. This ability to intuitively create implied constraints with other geometry expedites the sketch creation process while maintaining the maximum flexibility for future changes.

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