NCSIMUL Features and Benefits

Avoid crashes and collisions

- Safe and collision-free machining

- No tool, head or spindle breakage

- No need for prove outs on the machine

Increased safety for machine operators

- Speed up your part production

- Reduced set-up time

- Avoidance of CNC downtime due to errors

- Prove out G-code on your computer before machining

- Optimised production processes

Optimised resources and machining results

- Reduced raw material wastage

- Confidently run your machines unattended

High performance G-code verification - Including G-code decoding, full-program verification, interactive toolpath simulation, automatic error detection, and accurate cycle-time estimates

Motion simulation - Enjoy realistic simulation and material removal with detection of machining errors/collisions (rapid/spindle stopped in material, clipped part set-up, etc.) and the use of probing macros

Part inspection

- Compare with your design model

- Gauged/excess material is displayed with tolerance deviations

- Dynamic 3D section planes for further analysis and measurements of thickness, distance drilling, etc are available

See an overview of NCSimul