WorkXplore Features and Benefits

Dimensioning - Even less experienced CAD users will quickly get used to the program’s dimensioning functions and rapidly achieve good results through the use of preconfigured standard settings (points, 2D elements, planes, surfaces, etc.). Dimensionings can be generated and placed at characteristic points on the part. The depiction of these elements is automatically oriented and thus remains visible at all times

Analysis - WORKXPLORE contains a large number of analysis tools which can be used for preparing bids, verification, assembly instructions and preparation of 3D models for production.

High performance interface - Calculation and depiction of mould inclines and undercuts are carried out extremely quickly, even with very large parts. WORKXPLORE colours in mould inclines and undercuts automatically according to the direction of demoulding.

Comments - WORKXPLORE offers many functions for comments. This way, users can convey their ideas, remarks, instructions and change requests quickly and easily. 2D drawings are hardly even needed, since users can generate dimensioning for size and geometry and comments directly in the 3D model.

Animation - WORKXPLORE includes a fully functional animation tool for creating exploded views and assembly animations. Animations can be created through shifting and rotating or by following in a guide curve.

Collision detection - The functions for the dynamic collision analysis can be used during the animation in order to check the interaction of movements in real time. Users can also create short videos from the animation menu which can be shown to customers or other project participants.

Documentation - WORKXPLORE makes it easy to create screenshots to illustrate technical documents and assembly instructions. In addition to the usual screenshot functions, WORKXPLORE also has an image collection function, which enables users to easily manage and distribute large amounts of images.

Publication - WORKXPLORE allows its users to make the CAD models available to all project participants throughout the entire design and production chain, no matter whether they are working in product management, marketing or sales, or whether they are production consultants, customers or suppliers.

Creation of predefined scenes - Regardless of their CAD skills, all employees of a company should be able to use communication tools which document their results, so that other employees can make use of this knowledge. That’s why the program receives predefined scenes. The configurations, orientations and views of these scenes are saved in the system along with the associated comments, dimensions and labels. This way, users can easily switch between views and can always find the configuration which the creator of the scenes prefers.

Export - WORKXPLORE allows users to quickly convert standard and native 3D models using the available export interfaces (IGES, STL, VRML, STEP, WORKNC CAM geometry). BREP models can also be saved in IGES format.

Compatibility - Users need not worry about format compatibility or what software the project partners are using. WORKXPLORE enables users to make 3D parts and component assemblies available to subcontractors, customers and employees.

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