WorkNC Features and Benefits

Waveform roughing strategy - The Waveform roughing strategy is a high-speed machining technique that maintains a constant tool cutting load by ensuring that tool engagement with the material is consistent. The cycle’s smooth toolpath avoids sharp changes in direction, which help maintain machine-tool velocity. In addition to cutting machining time, use of the Waveform cycle extends tool life

Auto5 - A unique innovation in the field of 5-axis machining, WORKNC Auto5 automatically generates 5-axis toolpath from existing 3-axis toolpath, and takes into account the specific kinematics of the selected 5-axis milling center

Advanced toolform roughing - WORKNC Advanced Toolform technology eliminates inaccuracies characteristic of traditional parametric toolpath calculation, resulting in more accurate roughing stock.
By calculating toolpath based on accurate cutting-tool dimensions, Advanced Toolform roughing reduces rest-roughing time by up to 70 percent.

Re-machining and finishing - Several re-machining and finishing strategies in WORKNC enable users to effortlessly tailor machining processes to their individual requirements. Re-machining strategies automatically detect remaining material, eliminating unnecessary tool movements and reducing machining time.

2 to 5 axis machining - WORKNC’s multi-thread calculation takes advantage of the benefits of multi-core computers with rapid calculating and processing times. Preparation times are also reduced thanks to predefined machining sequences and milling toolpath calculations in batch-processing mode.
WORKNC’s dynamic stock management delivers toolpath updates in real time, and supports milling tools of all shapes. The result is high-precision post-processing, uniform tool stress, and reliable toolpath.

Roughing - Toolpath for roughing and re-machining in WORKNC enables the removal of a large amount of raw material in single passes and with significant depths of cut. As operations are performed, dynamic stock management ensures precision in working with small-diameter tools

Toolpath optimisation - Optimized toolpath for high-speed processing makes it easy, quick, and safe to machine even the hardest of metals, thus reducing the need for electrical-discharge machining

Collision detection - Expanded collision detection and prevention checks parts, part fixtures, cutting tools, tool holders, and machine tools to ensure that the toolpath is collision free

Analytical tools - Analytical tools simplify the process of querying CAD data to check features, such as draft angles and small radii. Intuitive operation and automated processing strategies make WORKNC the ideal production tool.

Toolpath editing - Thanks to WORKNC’s high-performance graphical toolpath editor, users can quickly and intuitively edit toolpath and adjust it to their individual requirements with a single command.

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